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Dr. Natasha Lalwani

Meet the driving force behind Innovocan Healthcare, Dr. Natasha Lalwani.

Dr. Natasha is a trailblazer in the field of Head and Neck Cancer Surgery. Her journey started at the prestigious “Mahavir Cancer Sansthan” in Patna, Bihar, where she received extensive training in oncology. Throughout her career, she has lent her expertise to renowned institutions such as Narayana Health and Apollo CBCC Ahmedabad, developing unparalleled skills in cancer extirpative/ablative surgeries and microvascular reconstructive surgeries.

Having performed over 1000 surgeries, Dr. Natasha Lalwani continues to be fueled by an unwavering passion and dedication to improving the lives of her patients. Her commitment to a holistic approach ensures that each individual receives not only quality treatment but also the support and understanding needed for a comprehensive cancer care journey.

Your Health, Our Commitment


 We stand at the forefront of cancer awareness, community building, and education. We believe that true empowerment begins with knowledge.


Our mission is to spread awareness about cancer, foster a supportive community, and provide specialized courses for dental professionals.

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Your Partner in Health and Healing

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Our Initiatives


We are dedicated to raising cancer awareness and promoting early detection for oral, breast, and cervical cancer.


Join our empowering community where survivors & doctors unite to support, inspire, and guide on the recovery path.


Our programs aim to equip dental practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary for early detection & management of oral cancers.

A strong network of

Complementary Cancer Care

In addition to our awareness and education initiatives, Innovocan Healthcare is proud to offer a robust network of Complementary Cancer Care.

We understand the importance of a comprehensive approach to cancer care, and our network ensures that patients have access to a range of treatments beyond the initial diagnosis, fostering hope and resilience.